Learning mobility in higher education  

Trends, approaches and challenges


The Centre for International Services / National Agency for European Educational Programmes had organized an international higher education conference that took place in Prague from 6-7 October 2011 in the National Technical Library. The conference was organized with the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the Czech Republic and the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme. 



The contribution of mobility to personal development, cultural and social competencies as well as to language skills and expert and professional attainments is indubitable. Still there are challenges to be tackled. What are the attitudes and expectations of students towards the mobility, is the lack of funding the main obstacle, is there a possibility for mobility for underrepresented groups of students? The conference would like to reassume the topic of the conference “Youth on the move – Achieving mobility for all!” held in Antwerpen, Belgium last year and elaborate more on some of the ideas raised in Antwerpen. Several surveys on mobility carried out recently give us a picture of how different countries handle it. Bologna Follow Up group as well as European Commission set up their mobility benchmarks. What are the tools and ways to reach them? The conference offered a room to discuss these and related questions


Target groups

The conference brought together number of representatives from European institutions and associations, Ministries of Education, national agencies, higher education institutions and student organisations to discuss approaches, trends and challenges in learning mobility in higher education.


Conference language

The language of the conference was English.


Conference organizer

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